Is Kabale on the Brink?

Is Kabale on the Brink?

Slopping from Kabalaga  through kyanamira to Kabale town never stops to thrill me I know that I am finally home.

The craft and art of the terraces that paint the hills brown and green crown the beauty of Kabale.

The main street that stretches from Total Petrol Station to Rwakaraba is pothole infested. The main referral hospital has only one doctor- Dr Mihayo. In December, the health workers of this hospital refused to work because they had not been paid their salaries for three months.

During this Christmas break, my nephew Jeremiah got a fever attack we had to drive 22kms in the middle of the night to find a private clinic in Kabale town that is quite expensive for the ordinary Kabale dwellers. At the clinic, I met a man that had sold his piece of land to take his wife that was diagnosed with Brucella to hospital.

The health centre II in Kyasano parish was not even an option worth exploring since all they have is paracetamol for whatever sickness one has.  The schools that were built for the local people are now very expensive- school fees St Mary’s Rushoroza a government school is about 600,000 Uganda shillings per term -meaning the poor cannot educate their children any more.

This town has potential of growing into a city if paid attention to. It is strategically located for international business since it is near Bujumbura, Kigali and Goma; it is a tourist hub for its beauty, Lake Bunyonyi, and the primates of Bwindi and Mgahinga. Yet even the iron ore in Kicumbi (Kamuganguzi subcounty) is ferried daily to other districts that have steel factories.

So where do the taxes the people pay go?

And those leaders that we elect what do they do once they get into office?

In the 2011 elections, the people of Kabale ganged up against all the non-performing MPs and LC leaders that saw Hope Mwesigye, Serapio Rukundo, and Adison Kakuru of Rukiga leave office. But to what avail was this?

Sadly, those that we vested our hope in switch themselves to silent mode in parliamentary sessions. I surely don’t know what became of the vocal Hon. Henry Banyezaki this term maybe there is a bone stuck to his throat that he cannot allow him talk freely. The Jack Sabiiti that went as a Lion for Rukiga lost his roar once he stepped into parliament.

The people of Kabale hoped that cooperatives would be revived to give the farmers a strong bargaining power for their produce but instead the small farmer is left to self to be devoured by the harsh prices

This status quo is not what Kabale deserves. The people of Kabale deserve better. The earlier the central government intervene the better. This district needs movers and shakers that can help it reach its full potential.

But as for now, looks like all we can speculate is one that Kabale may be on the brink


2 thoughts on “Is Kabale on the Brink?

  1. Well said prudence, how I wish you would sensitize the wanainchi of Kabale to wake up from the slumber or coma they have spent 26 years in


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