By Prudence Nyamishana

As we go through life there are those mountains in our lives that live us feeling alone, rejected and depressed. In the midst of these ashes there was a beautiful song that played on the radio. Mufirako was the title. Mufirako loosely translated is (I will not lose sight of him). The message of the song is that even though the rest of the world rejects you, yet Christ will always be there.

When I learned that the singer is Mac Elvis, I searched for him on face book and sent him an inbox just to say thank you to him for encouraging me when the mountain was too high to climb.

I did not expect a response since many celebrities lose touch with the people they entertain. Surprisingly, he responded and gave me his phone number. So we started communicating more frequently, he became a good friend.

When it was time to meet him physically, I did not know what to expect, I knew that I was going to meet this big sized lofty person, to my surprise, he was a small sized young man about 22 years then, down to earth young man, I told him not to forget me when he becomes a big celebrity and as always, gave me his somewhat mischievous smile.

I admired his authentic humility, his courage to move on when everything around was going wrong  , and the struggle to keep himself pure amidst all the things that fight for attention of a young man.

The last time Pharisee me met him, I was criticizing his dread locks but then he told me. “For me to reach out to the young people, I have to be like them.”

Man, it was a short life but it was a fruitful life. I would have loved to hear more of your feel good gospel music and of course your cheeky smile. Yet our master chose that it would not be so.

As Paul said, You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith.

I am confident that you are with our Lord, and you have seen what no eye has seen, nor ear heard, no heart conceived that which the Lord has in stock for those that love him.

Till we meet again buddy. It is not goodbye it is see you later.

Mac Elvis


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