What if Jesus visited your church this Sunday?

What if Jesus visited your church this Sunday?

What if Jesus passed by your church today, would your pastor recognize him?

In every village and suburb in Uganda, there is a church with Christians- Christ’s followers attending church every Sunday. 80% of Ugandans are Christians majority of them attending church every single Sunday.

But what if Jesus showed up at your church in flesh? Where would he be offered a seat? If he offered to sit next to you, would you smile at him and welcome him to church?

After service, would Jesus be given a chance to speak like they would do when the president of Uganda has visited?

What if he dropped a fifty-shilling coin in the offertory bag and the catechist noticed, would he still be welcome to church next Sunday?

Would Christ be pleased that your pastor is preaching about seeking first the kingdom of God and the rest fall in place or would he be disappointed that people come to church to seek the miracles first and all these other things will fall in place?

What if after  service he requested to speak to the pastor, would he have the chance to see him or the body guards would stop him at the gate. Would the pastor say he is too busy doing the work of Christ?

There is a story that comes to mind, a story is told of a black man that tried to enter a church in Texas when racial segregation was its peak. For many years, the man was chased away by the pastor of the church claiming that his presence would make the rest of his flock uncomfortable. One Sunday, he decided to try one more time, but response was the same- the door was slammed in his face. Depressed, he decided to sit at the veranda to catch the sermon and that is when  Jesus found him and asked him why he was so distraught. Upon narrating his ordeal, Jesus replied, “Son, relax I have also been trying to enter this church for the last 40 years and every Sunday, the door is shut in my face.”


By: Prudence Nyamishana


3 thoughts on “What if Jesus visited your church this Sunday?

  1. I would go “Jesus, wait a sec before we talk any further, how on earth did you look like?”

    I would then immediately interrupt him before he comments on my first question by pointing out to the obvious. “Now that these mushrooming churches are nothing but a business, you should start something new – something like..um….Jesusism or Joshuasism – or…” Mh!

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