Uganda’s Middle Class and Kentucky Fried Chicken

Uganda’s Middle class-  The ones a with a car and a house or apartment with a wall fence, that frequent bars all week and fill churches on Sunday morning, the middle class that are a pay-check or two away from bankruptcy, have one or two or three degrees on their heads. The ones that speak a lot of English, went to affluent / affluent-ish schools, listen to Sanyu FM, Capital Radio and Radio one and speak large on social media.

And lets see who the current Uganda legislators are – an assortment of musicians, comedians, ex-radio presenters, business people, teachers that abandoned their calling because of poor pay, self-seekers that are basically in the house to earn a living, village boys that say women should be slapped to be streamlined, those that sell their souls for a few bucks to pluck pages out of the constitution to add what suits the regime,  the members that introduce a social media tax even when only 22% of Ugandans use social media, and one sunny afternoon decide to discuss the miss curvy contest because there are no other pressing issues really.

Okay, lets see the Presidential Candidates that have shown interest in the 2021 elections so far; The 75- year- old Incumbent President Yoweri Museveni, Kizza Besigye (Serial rigged Presidential Candidate), Robert Kyagulanyi – Bobi Wine (Musician/politician-  leader of the People Power), soft spoken General Mugisha Muntu of the New formation, Kyalya Maureen (Nothing comes to mind).

From the look of things, the Ugandan Middle class seems to be enjoying the benefits of the 1986 revolution, are detached from their communities –  everyone for himself and God for us all,  reckless on the road during rush hour to drop their kids to school and to their eights to five.

The Ugandan Middle class think Museveni is too old and not using their taxes wisely, but who cares, we sleep at night, we have wall fences and tinted glasses on our cars,  Bobi wine is too muyaye (gangster) for our taste and he does not know even know what Fiscal policy is, oh come on Maureen Kyalya, what a joke? She is not even in the women’s movement; I have never seen her engage with women, has she even read the women’s manifesto?  That woman is deluded and all we can do is watch as she clowns herself during election time, (Face-palm) you see Besigye is a loser how many times can one man lose in a lifetime?

So then who is your best pick, Uganda’s Middle class?  Winnie Byanyima should really come and save us, she has that Abiy Ahmed vibe to her, she is  forward thinking, kick-ass, has quite a brilliant head on her shoulders and everything we the middle class desire, she can change everything, like in Ethiopia, in a blink of an eye. It was winter in the morning and by evening it was summer. You get the point.

What investments are you willing to make this happen dear Uganda’s middle class? You are asking too many questions, in the meantime, let’s go eat Kentucky Fried Chicken.


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