Clearing the Cobwebs

As if Monday blues are not bad enough, I also had a broken heart to deal with.

Unlike many Ugandans, I love boda-bodas they help me compensate for my extra minutes of sleep. Not today, I decide to enter a taxi. Traffic Jam and potholes were the least of my cares because I was laying clear strategies of how to mend this broken heart.

I looked through the window and as the taxi moved I was seeking solace in the eyes of the people we were bypassing. I kept wondering whether they know what heartbreak feels like or are they in the bliss of love that they have forgotten how that felt, do they have work, do they have hope for the day’s meal or who knows it might be a big day for them.

Anyway, my brown study comes to a halt when I arrive  at my destination. And had to focus on work. At my desk, I dedicated the day  into the Lords hands.

And then those Monday meetings but I wanted this one to go on and on. When I presented part of the work that I had done and the tasks ahead, I congratulated myself that I could even speak without my emotions getting in the way.

I am back to my desk, since part of my work is to update the company social media pages; I also use the opportunity to sneak into my own pages. I am reminded there is a blogging challenge and before I can get on with routine, how about I do something exciting like writing a blog.

But then I know that many of my blogger friends strive to sound intelligent- I thought I am thinking I don’t  have time for being sophisticated especially that this has been one of the recipes for my procrastination.

I am on it even with all the cobwebs allover the place. Where have I been? How did all these stories pass me by- sheer laziness I think, lost in the cares of this world maybe – days fade away with a lot of untold stories? I hope I even remember what my wordpress password is

Seven days, I am wondering whether I will keep up, lets see what tomorrow holds. I hope I can write about more sophisticated things like taxes, food security, ICC, international law, human rights and sound like Andrew Mwenda.